27 Aug 2011

Thorpe Park

Today was the start of my dear friend Gareth Pugh's birthday celebrations, his birthday isn't until the 31st but today we had a day at Thorpe Park, every extreme ride was queued for and we all loved every single second of the day.
Happy Birthday Gareth, can't wait for the rest of the celebrations.
Photo: Mandi Lennard

2 Aug 2011

James Jeanette

Jeanette and I go back a long long long way, I have know him since he was 14, (I still call him by his real name) we both came from Aberdeen, I used to be the manager of this designer 'Boutique' so exclusive that you had to ring the door to get in. He used to come in all the time and just look and absorb the clothes, textures, fabrics etc. Well I have to say that I took and instant dislike to him when he bought the Katherine Hamnett jacket that I had put aside for me after a recent buying trip to London. Navy puffer down feather filling and rolled up like a sleeping bag into a bag. I was fuming. Despite that after all these these year's we laugh about it now and he is one of the people that makes me laugh constantly, he is one of the most loyal people I know and adore him. This is one of my favorite photo's of one of my favorite people on this earth.

Best of Friends

Scot's lets stick together, 2 of my best friends in the world, Jonathan Saunders and Louise Gray. That was at the Candy 2 launch party at my favourite restaurant in London, Bistrotheque on the 19th of November 2010

AnOther Man

Saturday the 30th of July saw me work with one of my hero's, Brett Lloyd, we collaborate all the time, talk every single day, he makes me laugh out loud all the time but the thing is I see him as a genius, I love him with all my heart, I love his work so much that every-time I see something new it makes me so proud. Anyway after 19 hours shooting we got some amazing shots and I cannot wait to see them published, above is just a little taster the African market on Ridley Road at 2.30am Sunday morning. Brett I heart you!

GQ Style Germany

Today I worked with Bruno Staub for the first time, a friend of mine it was strange how we hadn't done it before, it was brilliant. 10 very hot sweaty models in a studio that felt about 100 degrees but they didn't hesitate to put clothes ON! (winter season too)
It was a simple easy day working with a wonderful team of people that I like and felt so comfortable with.
As I said before 10 amazing strong young men looking fantastic.
I also worked with the super nice Klaus Stockhausen for the first time, what a lovely chap.
Food was amazing too, Elaine Chalmers from 'a Little Of What You Fancy' if you haven't been there yet you should, her food is divine.
Jamie Wise getting his grooming done
Edward Barber @ FM
The Crew
Omar Robin the stylist's assistant for the day
Bruno Staub
Edward Barber getting a touch up
Jamie Wise @ FM, he's 23!!! Look's about 14